The mission of Neighborhood Studios is to provide EFFECTIVE wellness solutions for our clients as they engage the complexities of being a natural being, living in modern times.

What is a Natural Being?

A Natural Being is any living person or thing. For the past 100,000 years, humanity hasn't changed much physically. However, within the last 100 years, the way we live has changed DRASTICALLY. The single most influential life aspect of any organism is its relationship with its environment. The way we live affects both ourselves and our perspective environments.

Our Philosophy

Neighborhood Studios embodies a communal effort by utilizing an integrative, multidisciplinary approach towards wellness. We believe that progress should be both MEASURED and CELEBRATED for the sake of facilitating a lifestyle change. As humans our natural goal or intent is to THRIVE, not survival. And to ensure this end, we must pay close attention to correcting this unnatural, symbiotic relationship we now have with our environment.

But you are NOT alone. Our name says it all. We are right herewith you.-Sharing our COMPASSION and EXCELLENCE in your place of employment, within your communities and in your homes.